Hindson Atoot 50 with 6 keys


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HINDSON Atoot 50mm Lock | Steel Body | Hardened Shackle | 7 Steel Lever | 6 Silver Keys with Keychain | 1 Lock | Made in India | Silver Finish

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  • Hardened shackles are commonly used in high-security locks such as padlocks, bike locks, and outdoor gate locks. They are also used in industrial and commercial settings where the lock is exposed to harsh conditions and a higher risk of tampering or vandalism. These types of shackles are generally more secure than regular shackles and can withstand more force, this is why they are commonly used in high-security applications.
  • Double locking refers to a locking mechanism in which a lock has two locking points that must be engaged in order for the lock to be secure. This is typically used in high security situations, such as in safes or vaults, as it makes the lock more difficult to pick or force open. Double locking can also refer to a mechanism in which a lock is engaged by two separate keys or combinations.
  • shackle that is made from a thicker and stronger material than a standard shackle. This makes it more resistant to cutting, sawing, and other forms of attack. Heavy shackles are typically made from high-grade steel or other durable materials, and they are often coated with a layer of rust-resistant material to increase their longevity. They are often used in industrial and commercial settings where there is a higher risk of theft or vandalism
  • 7 lever lock is a type of mechanical lock that uses 7 levers to secure the lock mechanism. The levers act as obstacles that must be correctly aligned in order for the lock to open. Each lever is a small metal bar that sits in a chamber within the lock. When the correct key is inserted, it raises or lowers each lever to the correct position, allowing the lock to turn and the door to open. 8 lever locks are considered to be very secure and are often used in commercial and industrial settings.
  • Hindson is a well-known brand in the Indian market and is probably renowned for both its quality and durability. Offer a wide range of locks for different applications, such as door locks, gate locks, and padlocks for home security, industrial use, and commercial use hardware.
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Hindson Atoot 50 with 6 keys
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